Gutzmann, Daniel. 2013. Compositional multidimensionality and the lexicon-semantics interface. Proceedings of the Tenth International Workshop of Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics (LENLS 10). 206–219.


We provide a reformulation of the multidimensional semantics of the Pottsean LCI and its extensions which (i) solves issues of compositionality and (ii) reduces the amount of composition rules. This is done by changing to a system that embraces true compositional multidimensionality, so that every expression is represented by three fully specified for meaning dimensions in the logic. Restrictions on possible expressions and combinations are implemented at the lexicon-syntax inter- face of the logical language that extend otherwise at most 2-dimensional expressions into 3-dimensional objects that can be used in the semantic derivations. This helps to keep the lexical entries simple and allow to account for possible cross-linguistic variance without needing to change the underlying logic.