This weekend, on May 24-26, my institute will host a special workshop organized by Ede Zimmermann, at which the editors of Linguistics and Philosophy present their work. The list of speakers include almost the entire team of editors (unfortunately, Danuiel Büring and Craige Roberst are unable to attend).

  • Emma Borg (University of Reading): Some arguments for and against minimal semantics
  • Veneeta Dayal (Rutgers University): A viability constraint on alternatives for free choice
  • Paul Dekker (University of Amsterdam): Tom and Jerry paint a mouse
  • Regine Eckardt (University of Göttingen): Narrator information: An attempt at dynamic diagonalization
  • Graeme Forbes (University of Colorado, Boulder): Pragmatic acccounts of free-choice disjunction
  • Michael Glanzberg (Northwestern University): What does model theory explain in semantics?
  • Stefan Kaufmann (University of Connecticut): Premise semantics for counterfactuals and more
  • Lisa Matthewson (University of British Columbia): On the interaction of modality and temporality: Evidence from 15 languages
  • Peter Pagin (University of Stockholm): General compositionality and belief sentences
  • Paul Portner (Georgetown University): Imperatives and gradable modality


  • Friday, May 24: 09:00-16:00 (lunch 13:15 - 14.45)
  • Saturday, May 25: 09:00-17:15 (lunch 13:15 - 14.45)
  • Sunday, May 26: 10:45-12:00


A detailed program can be found here.


In addition, there will also be a warming-up talk by Magdalena Kaufman (University of Connecticut) on Connecticut) Imperatives and (im)perfect information