Here is a list of upcoming talks, I am going  to give until summer. It starts with Austin this week! (I am going to post at least some of the slides/handouts after the talks.)

April 5

Talk on pragmaticalization and multidimensional semantics @Workshop on systematic semantic change, UT Austin.

May 2

Invited talk on tba @Linguistic colloquium, UGöttingen.

May 11

Talk on the linearization of German modal particles @GGS 2013, UFrankfurt (with Katharina Turgay).

May 23

Invited talk on use-conditional meaning and hybrid semantics @Linguistic colloquium, UKonstanz.

May 25

Talk on expressive intensifiers @SPSW 5, USaarbrücken (with Katharina Turgay).

July (22-27)

Talk on multidimensional semantics for expressive content @ICL 19 Geneva, Semantics/Pragmatics interface session.

Talk on the linearization of German adverbials @ICL 19, Geneva, Syntax session  (with Katharina Turgay).

Poster presentation on the L2 acquisition of the German PP @ICL 19 Geneva, Workshop on native language influence on L2 (with Katharina Turgay).