One of the things that kept me busy during the last months (as mentioned in the previous post) was finalizing the manuscript for the volume Beyond Expressives: Explorations in Use-Conditional Meaning, which I edited together with Hans-Mart Gärtner and which will be published  this summer with Brill as part of the Current Research in the Semantics/Pragmatics Interface (CRiSPI) series. As a preview, here is the list of contributions.

Beyond Expressives
Beyond Expressives
  • Daniel Gutzmann – Expressives and beyond: An introduction to varieties of use-conditional meaning
  • Sebastian Bücking and Jennifer Rau – German non-inflectional constructions as separate performatives
  • Sophia Döring – Modal particles and context shift
  • Markus Egg – Discourse particles, common ground, and felicity conditions
  • Laurence R. Horn – I love me some datives: Expressive meaning, free datives, and F-implicature
  • Eric McCready and Yohei Takahashi – Good reasons
  • Sophie Repp – Common ground management: Modal particles, illocutionary negation and VERUM
  • Yasutada Sudo – Biased polar questions in English and Japanese
  • Henk Zeevat – Expressing surprise by particles