Thanks to Christopher Piñón, the editor of Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 9 (aka Proceedings of CSSP 2011), the volume got a preview section in which completed articles are being previewed. One of those articles is a paper on expressive intensifiers in German, coauthored by Katharina Turgay and me. In that paper, we are dealing with expressions like German sau which can be used to expressively intensify a gradable adjective. Most curiously, such expressive intensifiers can occur in an "external" position, preceding the article of a definite DP but still modifying the adjective inside the DP (cf. the second example in the picture). However, despite the fact that this construction is only possible with definite DPs, the entire construction is interpreted as indefinite. In the paper, we try to address some of these syntax-semantics mismatches.